MuscleTech Pro Series Mass Gainer

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Muscletech’s more mainstream Pro Series has been given an all-new supplement this month called 100% Mass Gainer. Like most of the products in the series, 100% Mass Gainer is exactly what its name suggests, a mass protein style formula packed full of protein and calories.

The new Muscletech Pro Series supplement actually features a pretty calorie dense formula as far as mass proteins go. Mixed in water, each serving of 100% Mass Gainer provides 44g of protein, a massive 278g of carbohydrates with 15g of that sugar and 3g fiber, 4.5g of fat (2.5g saturated), for a total 1,330 calories.

Muscletech has packed its gainer with just seven, six scoop servings per tub, although you could easily make that 14 servings by using three scoops instead of six. When it comes to gainers, it’s always about finding a macro balance that fits your diet, with 100% Mass Gainer and its roughly 6:1 carb to protein ratio definitely putting it into the area of supersize gainers.



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