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We’re making it easier than ever to find the products you need, whatever your goal.

That’s why we’ve changed Caffeine Pro 200 mg to Pure Caffeine - but don’t worry, we’ve definitely not changed the taste or the nutritionals, so it’s still your favourite…

A popular pre-workout ingredient, our Pure Caffeine tablets deliver a super-energising boost of caffeine — to power you through even the toughest workouts.


Key Benefits
  • Increases alertness
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases endurance performance
  • Super-convenient 200mg tablets

Each tablet is packed with 200mg of caffeine, providing the focus and drive you need to succeed.

What are the benefits of Pure Caffeine?

Caffeine is proven to increase alertness, improve concentration, and boost endurance performance — making it the perfect training partner.

Helping you stay alert and focused, our Pure Caffeine will push you closer to your goals — even after a long day at the office.

Who should take Pure Caffeine?

Caffeine Pure is perfect for anyone looking for that instant boost of endurance and focus.

What are the side effects of Pure Caffeine?

Our Pure Caffeine contains 200mg caffeine per serving, and is safe for most adults when used appropriately* — but don’t exceed the recommended daily dose.

For most people, it is not harmful to consume up to 400mg of caffeine a day, but this will depend on your tolerance.


When to take Pure Caffeine?

We recommend taking 1 tablet (200mg) 30-60 minutes before your workout.

Do not exceed more than 1 tablet in any 1 hour or 2 tablets in 24 hours.

What does Pure Caffeine work well with?

Pure Caffeine tablets are proven to boost your focus, but to make sure you’re getting the protein you need to grow and maintain muscle, add Impact Whey Protein — our bestselling whey, perfect for all your training goals.


Nutritional Information

Serving Size - 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container - 100 (100 Tablets), 200 (200 Tablets)

Active Ingredients

Per Daily Serving     1 Tablet
Caffeine Anhydrous     200 mg



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