Piping Rock Dandelion Root (180 caplets)

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What is Dandelion Root?

Often regarded as a pesky weed, dandelion is in fact a nutrient-dense powerhouse that supports many aspects of health and well-being. A United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bulletin ranks dandelion among the top four vegetables due to its potent nutritional value. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the plant’s profile is made unique by sesquiterpene lactones, bitter compounds that are considered to be among its most active ingredients.

Dandelion root is one of history’s most prized wellness herbs, long considered a cornerstone of folk health practices from around the world. Notably, wellness practitioners in Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Native American traditions all used the plant to support liver health – a purpose for which it is still popularly used today. Dandelion root is believed to assist the liver with the metabolism of blood sugars and lipids.  These activities reinforce the herb’s reputation as a blood cleanser and detoxifying agent.

As a digestive aid, dandelion root is believed to help with gastric distress and dyspepsia while supporting normal function of the gut. It also helps to gently restore normal appetite. As an herbal tonic for kidney health, the herb may also support health of the bladder and urinary tract. It is sometimes used as a natural diuretic to promote fluid balance, urinary wellness and comfort. Additional anecdotal and folk uses for this herb include support for bile flow, blood sugar balance and skin problems.

Dandelion Root Products

Supplements are often presented as dandelion root extract in tablets or capsules. Extract of the herb is also available as a liquid tincture and is a popular herbal tea, typically presented for detoxification purposes.

Dandelion Root Directions for Use

There is no standard dandelion root dosage. Generally, extract supplements supply users with between 250 and 600 mg per serving.



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